Marketing Voodoo: The most promising strategies for growing your business

A few weeks ago during a radio show interview, I was explaining to the interviewer what’s involved in understanding your customers, connecting powerfully with them, creating compelling offers that they want to buy, and implementing effective grassroots campaigns for growing your relationship with prospects.

“So what do you say to the person who says, that’s a lot of work … I don’t want to do all of that.”

“Um, get a job.”

No, I didn’t say that. “Business is for gladiators,” I replied. If you want to be successful as a business owner, you’re going to need an incredible work ethic and steely resolve to persevere when the going gets tough. It has, it does, and it will.

When people talk to me about their struggles growing their businesses, I sometimes feel like they have a secret longing: they want marketing voodoo. They want me to show them how to wave a magic wand that will outline an easy, step-by-step marketing plan that will bring droves of clients to their doorstep.

I wish.

There is no magic wand when it comes to effective marketing.

I know that’s disappointing. After all, who wouldn’t like to get their hands on some sassy marketing voodoo? But the truth is, creating the right mix of offers and strategies that connect powerfully with your target market and escort them down the sales funnel to official customer status requires a lot of work.

I often say that the power of marketing is in sequencing: doing the right things in the right order. Once you bust this riddle, you’ll notice your sales funnel getting traction, more clients coming on board and your marketing efforts will pay off tenfold.

The best marketing voodoo I can share is what I believe is the fundamental goal of good marketing: setting the proper conditions to ensure that the people who would benefit most from your services know how you can help them solve their problems, alleviate their pain, take them to the promised land, in that very moment when they realize their need (because it hurts, or they acknowledge they’re tired of being stuck, or something comes up that makes change a MUST).

I created the Marketing Triad to help my clients understand the most important strategies independent professionals should put in place FIRST.

The triad includes three groups of strategies: Networking, Visibility Strategies and Grassroots Strategies. Here are a few examples of each:

Networking Strategies
· Local Meetings
· Trade Shows & Conferences
· Referrals & Strategic Alliances
· Telemarketing / Follow-up
· Social Networking

Visibility Strategies
· Local Showcases
· Speaking at Conferences
· Teleseminars / Webinars
· SEO / SEM (Web Marketing)

Grassroots Strategies
· Database / Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
· Follow-up Marketing
· Direct Mail
· Email Marketing
· VIP Lists

Determining the mix for your Marketing Triad is crucial to your marketing success, as these are the core strategies you should mobilize to sell your knowledge and expertise.

Start with networking and visibility strategies. Determine where you can go, who you can present to, to help you build a list of prospects whose needs are a match for your services. Get yourself booked, pencil key networking opportunities into your calendar, begin to connect with the marketplace. Maintain and nurture those relationships through Grassroots Strategies, drawing them into your sales funnel, all the while building TRUST.