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I’ve been downloading my processes and insights to my blog for a couple years now, and in an effort to better-organize my content and help you more easily find content that will be helpful to you as you’re creating and executing your Marketing Gameplan, I’ve changed up how I’ve categorized my posts. I’ve aligned everything with my Marketing Gameplan process and the Marketing Triad, which are the cornerstone of my marketing development philosophy.  You can learn more about said philosophy in my program, How Should I Market Myself?

In order to benefit from the content on my blog, I think it might be helpful to share a bit how I’m “wired” as a marketer and how I’ve organized this content to support you.  At my core, I am a strategist and a process person.  I take the “big picture” and develop the road map for getting there.  I know a lot about marketing (eat it, breathe it, love it), but I’m a different kind of marketer.  It seems that a lot of marketers have an “area of focus” (social media, search, publicity, “a plan,” website, etc).  They will advise you based on their expertise and help  you with a “piece” of your overall gameplan.

My great passion is in bringing the pieces together and creating a system to execute all the administrative tasks related to marketing and growing your business. I want this blog to illuminate processes and patterns for you, to challenge your thinking at times, to clarify the decision-making process, to support you in building a platform that will rocket you to the next level.

I often find myself in conversations with both my marketing colleagues, clients and the marketplace in general that go something like this:

  • I tried [this strategy], and we made progress, but it created a backlog of responsibilities over here that just sunk the ship. Or I didn’t have time to manage it well, plus take care of my clients and meet my other deadlines.
  • It’s stressful trying to do all these marketing things! (Typically, their business model doesn’t include any leverage for managing and sustaining their momentum.)

Roger Hamilton calls people who are wired like me “Mechanics.”  We learn the business side of things, and put the systems in place that create efficiency and growth.  This is the “space” I come from as I discuss growing your business.  “Mechanics are great at systems and perfecting the details,” he explains.  I’m often told I’m a balanced amalgum of creative and business, right-brain and left-brain, whereas most people are predominently one or the other.

Enough about me, the point is YOU, and how I want to help you. :) Each link below represents a blog category and will help you explore the content on my blog.

Marketing Gameplan process

I’m a big believer in sequencing: doing the right things in the right order.  Strategic decisions must be made within the framework of context, and determining the context that provides the backdrop for decisions takes time, intention and effort.  When I begin working with a new client, the first thing we do is explore the full context of their business and the marketplace (as much as we can discern, anyway) so that we hedge our bets in decision-making and ideally, set the conditions for sustainable success.  It’s very frustrating to spend time and money on marketing efforts, only to realize through lack of success that we executed prematurely, or in the wrong sector, or we were missing key components.

If you take the time to build things right, you will save yourself a lot of time and money. More importantly, you’ll get traction to begin contributing and making a difference in meaningful ways–which is the goal, right?


Marketing Gameplan Process WEB 300x207 Marketing Gameplan Process WEB



Sales Funnel WEB 300x285 Sales Funnel WEBMarketing Triad

I developed the Marketing Triad to help my clients understand how the different marketing strategies related to each other, and to emphasize the strategies that were important for independent professionals to execute first. The core triad (showcasing, networking, and grassroots marketing) represents the most important strategies for you to execute as an independent professional (speaker, author, coach, consultant, trainer – someone packaging your knowledge and expertise).

Stacking Strategies are secondary strategies (like publicity, advertising, trade show marketing, sponsorships, etc) you should execute after you’ve got the infrastructure and support for executing your core strategies in place, and you’ve been consistently hitting your benchmarks.  AFTER you’ve tested and solidified your Triad’s strategy, you might begin focusing time, money and intention on the Stacking Strategies.  This is important – it’s a very common mistake for people to spend a lot of time and money on executing Stacking Strategies, only to realize later on that while they may have kicked up some dust, they’re not growing their business.



Grassroots Marketing

Stacking Strategies

Beyond this, there are a few other areas that I’ve been blogging about lots that deserve their own separate categories:

Working with Virtual Assistants

SEM | SEO | Website | Social Media

Marketing Minutes Podcasts (featuring Misty Williams & Toni Birdsong)


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Over a decade ago, Misty started Strategic Marketing Solutions, a boutique marketing firm dedicated to helping independent professional grow profitable, sustainable businesses that gave them the opportunity to do the work they love while contributing meaningfully to the world. Her background in artist management and marketing give her a unique perspective on the gritty, everyday business-management challenges that speakers, authors, coaches and trainers face when growing their businesses.