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Helpful Articles

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Special Report - Manipulation-free Marketing: What you need to know to book new business *almost* effortlessly!


The 7 Most Common Marketing Mistakes Speakers Make Have you ever felt frustrated with the lack of results you’re getting from your marketing efforts?  Don’t make these very common mistakes!

How do I find good customers?Helpful research tips and tricks for creating a powerful marketing list of high-potential prospects

If you’ve ever been given the task of finding hot leads online, you know how daunting searching the internet can be.  In this special article with library researcher Carol McCrary, you’ll learn how to conduct powerful searches to find leads and opportunities you didn’t know existed to help you grow your business.

Help! They aren’t paying attention to me! - Five important strategies for getting the marketplace to listen when you speak

Have you ever felt like the people you most want to serve are completely unaware of your existence?  Are you afraid you’re going to have to become the “pushy” salesman or telemarketer in order to get clients?  This article will reveal 5 key strategies for getting attention in the marketplace without becoming “one of them.”

Is your busyness killing your business?Eight key distinctions to help you move from being busy-and-broke to fulfilled-and-booked!

It doesn’t take long for the sheer volume of administrative details and never-ending to-do lists to shut down your creativity, stifle the fun of your work, and grind all your business momentum to a halt.  This article will help you spot the busyness killers and work smarter so you are free to do more of the work you love!

Show me the money!Easy strategies for making more money by working and spending smart

Most of us become info-preneurs because we have a burning desire to contribute, to make a profound difference in the world; but we can’t live on love and charity, right?  Understanding how to structure your business model and make key changes to the way you get clients can make a huge difference in your bottom line.

Capturing your best shotPriceless tips for getting the most out of your photoshoot

For independent professionals, a great headshot is a MUST.  Most of us, however, don’t know the first thing about what to wear, preparing for the shoot, getting flattering pictures, and taking care of the “little” details we didn’t realize would show up so conspicuously in our pictures.  These secrets will help.