Podcast: Execute Your Marketing Gameplan

In this podcast, Toni and I wrap up our six-step Marketing Gameplan process and discuss the importance of consistency when you Execute Your Marketing Gameplan. We’ve finally arrived at the lest step in your marketing strategy : Execute Your Marketing Gameplan.  This is where all the work you’ve done starts to pay off and it’s also one of the scariest and most fun moments for your business.

Without consistency, your Marketing Gameplan will not work. Now is the time to determine the benchmarks and goals for your social media and networking efforts, and to figure out how you’re going to measure your progress.  You want to make sure that you’re creating synergy between the content you create and the marketing strategies you put in place. Learn more about the importance of consistency in your marketing gameplan in this week’s podcast:

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Podcast: Create Your Marketing Tools

We’re now getting to one of the most important and exciting steps in your marketing plan, and probably the one that people want to jump to most quickly before they’re ready: Creating Your Marketing Tools. If you start to develop your marketing tools without having gone through the first four steps of the process, you could be setting yourself up for a lot of expensive frustration.  In this podcast, Toni and I continue our review of the Marketing Gameplan process and discuss why you should wait to Create Your Marketing Tools until step five.

I find that when my clients skip ahead to this step, they’ll usually end up wasting a lot of money and time because they just have not prepared thoroughly enough to develop the right tools. The risk you take if you don’t follow the right sequence in your marketing strategy, is that you won’t connect with your clients the way you should. You could end up having to rebuild your website (again), or rewrite your white papers, or start your Facebook page all over again.  Take the time to execute your marketing strategy in the right order, and you’ll save money and time while creating more effective marketing tools — learn more about when and how to create your marketing tools in this week’s podcast:

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Podcast: Your secret weapon for growing your business–Knowing your customers

Marketing Minutes - Straight Talk from the Trenches

Do you know who your best customer is and how to connect with them? Many people struggle because they aren’t clear on who they serve and why they’re relevant. In this podcast, Toni and I review the Marketing Gameplan process and discuss step two: Know Your Customer.

My clients, even the ones with a strong identity, really struggle with this. Oftentimes, our fear of “lack” keeps us stuck and unclear on who our best customers are. You aren’t limited yourself by “choosing” a niche — learn more about this important step in this week’s podcast:

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Announcing our first Marketing Minutes Podcast – Know What You Offer

Marketing Minutes - Straight Talk from the Trenches

So after lots of technical speed bumps and a nice learning curve, Toni Birdsong and I are officially launching our podcast series:  Marketing Minutes – Straight Talk from the Trenches.

On a weekly basis, we’ll be podcasting and delivering to your inbox snippets of valuable content that explores:

  • The marketing and branding process
  • Common issues and challenges business owners face while developing and executing their gameplans
  • Nuances of business development that people don’t often talk about – but the mastery of which can make-or-break your success.

Real Conversations about Real Marketing Issues

These conversations will be different from a lot of the sterile, tactical content a lot of so-called “marketing” experts tout.  We want to talk about how this stuff really gets executed in the trenches…like those moments when you’re all-hands-on-deck trying to make things happen and the formulas often go out the window in favor of strategies that work within a certain business environment.  Toni and I have both cut our teeth on “making it happen,” not just talking about it.  I hope you find this content useful.

So here we go…the next six podcasts are devoted to setting your foundation by developing your Marketing Gameplan.  We are going to explore all six steps of the Marketing Gameplan process.  It’s important that you understand the sequencing needed to effectively build your campaigns.

Excited for the journey!  Leave us your feedback, podcast ideas, burning questions, frustrating situations…we’ll develop podcasts specifically for your situation.

And we begin …

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