Social Media: Two important new buttons to add to your website

My friend, Laura Click (@lauraclick)just posted a great blog about a couple of new buttons you should add to your website or blog to support the sharing of your content via social media:

1)  Twitter – Make it easy for site visitors to follow you on Twitter right from your website. Twitter has updated their API to allow for this functionality.  This is a no-brainer – now, people can follow you on Twitter without leaving your website to do so. Zing!  The snippet of code can be grabbed here:

2)  +1 – Google’s +1 button seems synonymous with the Google Plus social network, but Google is also showing +1 results in its search engine.  This is significant, as the votes your content receives on your site are likely to show up in search results in the future.  Here’s one you can download for WordPress.

Laura explores both of these in greater detail on her blog – definitely take a few minutes to educate yourself, as well as explore other ways of adding this functionality to your site.