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Are you ready to tackle some marketing challenges, take  your business to the next level, start blogging and ramping your social media efforts?  Is it time for you to write your book, re-write your speech, manifest a new dimension to your business that’s been percolating for a while?

There are several ways Misty can help:

  1. Sign up for the free lesson from How Should I Market Myself? You’ll get a good introduction to Misty’s programs and philosophy, plus some great preliminary support to get you started.
  2. Begin exploring Misty’s blog. She’s set up a post to help you find your way around.
  3. If you’re the self-study type, sign up for the How Should l I Market Myself? program. There are a couple options for you to include some coaching sessions to lend support as you dig in.
  4. If you want some support in the trenches and are curious to learn if Misty can help you, sign up for a complimentary Strategy Session with Misty. These sessions are great for helping Misty to understand your business, brainstorm with you and explore ways of working together if it makes sense. Misty holds nothing back on these calls and loves to help!  You can learn more about Misty’s 6-month coaching program here.
  5. Bring Misty in to speak to your group. Misty’s warm, dynamic, interactive style will engage the audience in a powerful conversation about what takes to grow your business. Explore how her presentation, How Should I Market Myself? can be customized for your group.

What Others Are Saying

Largely because of the amazing influence Misty has had on our positioning concept, we’ve landed two MASSIVE contracts for TONS of work that is exactly, precisely the kind of stuff that we want to do.It knocked the socks off of these two companies – they were immediately hooked and we were able to flesh out proposals on the spot. Two CEOs in one day both said “Go!” I am THE most satisfied client Misty has ever had. I will do commercials for her! I can’t thank Misty enough. Going through this process with herresulted in a breakthrough marketing approach for us, and we have the contracts to prove it.

Joe Calloway, CSP, CPAE

I saw Misty at the annual National Speakers Association convention’s Cavett Institute, and her material was exactly what I had been looking for! Misty has helped me take my ideas and fine-tune them into a specific, executable plan. Working with her has given me the accountability and momentum that I’ve needed!

Neil Phillips, Visible Men

When I started working with Misty, I felt like I was dying. She gave me a whole new perspective on my business, brought me resources that I didn’t know how to get and helped me pull everything together. She shares everything she knows! She is so committed to me and she keeps me on track. Things are starting to happen for me now—I’m getting more clients and I know what to do next!

Pat Leonard,

The Everyday Diva

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